An Unforgettable Journey with Specialised RAKxa

An Unforgettable Journey with Specialised RAKxa

This summer, guests can indulge in the ultimate luxury of health with The Original FX Mayr and RAKxa Wellness. From personalised medical consultations to bespoke programmes of all-encompassing health treatments, guests may look forward to recalibrating and resetting from inside out with The Original FX Mayr’s immune system and intestinal health expertise and RAKxa Wellness’ deep knowledge in blending traditional eastern therapy and leading science. The Original FX Mayr and RAKxa Wellness are set in their own breath-taking locations, from the serene waters of Lake Wörthersee, Austria and the relaxing island of Bang Krachao, Thailand, respectively – leaving guests to revel and bask in the glorious, serene sanctuaries for a thorough rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.

Dive Deep and Detox with The Original FX Mayr

The pioneering wellness and medical centre, The Original FX Mayr, launched in 1976, is the first residential clinic to offer the famous Mayr ‘cure’, a system that believes in giving the digestive system a rest to heal itself. Nestled within the restful refuge of Austria, Lake Wörthersee, overlooking the azure waters, it is truly the perfect setting to take stock of yourself and ideal for breaking old habits. The Mayr Basic, a one-week fasting programme, along with the Deep Detox module, presents an opportunity for guests to initiate a transformative shift in one’s outlook towards life. Through fasting, the body undergoes several biochemical reactions, including the process of autophagy, leading to cellular regeneration and activation of the body’s self-healing capabilities. The fasting programme also brings about a reduction in stress levels and enhanced emotional well-being which will also provide the perfect respite and for a mid year reset for all. With state-of-the-art diagnostics and comprehensive treatments, The Original FX Mayr offers an indulgent wellness experience, providing the ideal environment for a healthier lifestyle and for guests to continue on their wellness journey long after they have left the property too.

Revitalise and Renew with RAKxa Wellness’ Traditional Thai Treatments

Awarded the ‘Best Holistic Heaven’ in the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller Wellness and Spa Awards 2023, RAKxa Wellness strives to take a holistic approach to provide top-notch facilities and services for health and wellness to guests from all over the world. Located in the idyllic island of Bang Krachao, Bangkok, RAKxa Wellness offers a dynamic plethora of treatments ranging from their signature wellness programmes that combine traditional therapies and leading science, to their latest curation of exceptional traditional Thai treatments under RAKxa JAI, the traditional eastern medicine wing of RAKxa Wellness.

Guests can look forward to refreshing treatments such as the Ya-Pok Therapeutic Massage, which combines cooling properties of Thai herbs with Andrographis, the King of Bitter, and clay, making it the perfect summertime remedy, as well as the holistic Traditional Thai Women’s Care programme, an all-encompassing 3-step treatment exclusively designed to address women’s health concerns, which include Traditional Thai Hot Seat Medicated Charcoal Therapy (Nung-Tan), Traditional Thai Salt Pot Therapy, and Traditional Thai Woman Care Massage (Uterine Massage).

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