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Last week I got the opportunity to visit amazing Langkawi, a beautiful island well-known not only in Malaysia by quite popular in neighbouring countries such like Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

I can tell you that I was totally amazed by the beautiful natural scenery offered by the island brochure, especially the mountains and the beaches. I know all too well that the Dayaki believe it is not good to visit the sea, a beach or even a mountain towards the end of a year. Perhaps it had something to do with the magic of the raining season, or with my curiosity behind some local myth, but when I thought of my imminent trip to Langkawi I couldn’t stop myself dreaming about snorkeling in the sea, walking along the beach and feeling the cool breeze in the top of mountains.


Seaside on a cloudy day

Seaside on a cloudy day

So, with that dreams in mind I booked a last minute deal to the island together with a few close friends. I’m from Kuching, so all I had to do was booking an airplane ticket to Penang, where I joined my adventure friends for the trip by sedan car to Kuala Kedah Jetty to take the ferry to Langkawi. The car journey took only around 1 hour and half, and the ferry cost us a fair 24 ringgit per ticket.

Arrived at Langkawi, the first thing my friends and I did was looking for a car to rent. We had heard that some car renters at the jetty are not licensed, so we decided to hop on a taxi and went directly to an agent in an office not far from the Dataran Lang (Eagle Square). The gentleman there offered us a Toyota Avanza for 100 Ringgit per day, a price we found quite reasonable and affordable for a group of tourists like us. From there we drove to a nearby town named Pekan Kuah where Amara Guesthouse is located. The rooms were clean and affordable at 90-ringgit per night, and equipped with air-con, WiFi, hot water and a king size bed. See them on Facebook: Amara-Guest-House-Langkawi.

After checking in and dropping our stuff in the rooms, it was time to go for some shopping: liquor, chocolate and other snacks; I must say Langkawi is a paradise for those who love chocolate, liquor and tobacco since Langkawi is a duty free area (the only item I do not advise buying there are perfumes, more expensive than on the mainland for some reason). After a tiring and intensive shopping like that, we were in need of food to refill the lost energy. If you are keen to eat spicy Malay food, Pekan Kuah roadside area is the best: it not only serves delicious dishes, but also at prices affordable to travellers.

at the Underwater World

at the Underwater World

From Pekan Kuah we drove on to the Dataran Lang (Eagle Square), located near the seaside, to capture few pictures for the memory album. The drive to the Underwater World Langkawi in Pantai Cenang took about 30 minutes, and it was sure worth it: there you can see almost all sort of species, some not native to our country like the penguin, such a great and cute animal. Sharks gave me a similar impression: scary but amazing to watch. I even saw a jellyfish, which I had never seen in my life! So pretty! The 30 Ringgit ticket was a real bargain! Find out more at

And as the day got darker, we ate and went to rest, planning an exciting next day in amazing Langkawi.


The day after I checked my wish list and wished the weather would be on my side: no rain please! We drove to Pantai Kok, on the foothill of the Machincang Mountain, part of a mountain range formed 450 millions years ago, where the cable car station is located. My friends and I paid the 20 Ringgit ticket and entered the SkyDome where we watched some videos before being guided to our car.

View from Cable Car top

View from Cable Car top

The views along the trip to the top are simply amazing, more so as the cable car gets higher, but let me tell you it can be scary too! The whole experience is exhilarating, and the view are just complete, with sea, mountains, flora and fauna that can be seen at once. I took so many pictures as a memory of my travels to amazing Langkawi, and made friends with a nice couple from Germany who shared with me their enjoyment and amusement on a fantastic Malaysian experience.

The journey from the base to the top station, where the SkyBridge is located, covers 2,200 meters and takes visitors to an elevation of 700m above sea level in about 15 minutes. From there you will be able to enjoy commanding views over Langkawi’s western sea coast, the town and the staggering rock blocks and pinnacles. Find more information on

at the seafront

at the seafront

From Langkawi cable car, we moved on to Telaga Air Tujuh, a fantastic seven-tiered waterfall; it took us only 30 minutes of hiking to get to the top, perfect for those who love a bit of exercise.

Time was indeed limited, and it is a shame that we could not visit more places; we had to even skip a visit to Pulau Dayang Bunting for snorkeling and swimming. Before leaving Langkawi, I did the usual shopping for the family: fridge magnets, t-shirts and keychains to take back to family and friends in Sarawak.

That’s all I can share about this Langkawi trip. Traveling and travel memories are for me priceless, notes and testimonials I can record for future generations, to motivate them to travel. So, what you waiting for? Plan the trip, grab your luggage and visit amazing Langkawi!


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