Amazing crowd at 2017 Rainforest World Music Festival

  • A wet festival this year
  • Rain during the night concerts
  • Nocturnal crowd
  • Rain rain rain
  • Raincoats were the key feature at the festival
  • The rain did not deter festival goers
  • Great crowd at the stage
  • Day sessions at Rainforest World Music Festival
  • Cheering people under the night rain
  • Buffet food available at the grounds
  • More festival goers

Main stage

The 20th Edition of Rainforest World Music Festival has had an amazing crowd compared to the year before. According to Sarawak Tourism Board, STB Chairman, Datuk Haji Abdul Wahab Aziz, talking at the press conference on 15 July at Sarawak Cultural Village, this was proven through the pre-sale tickets that recorded an 8% increase (or 1440 visitors) from the 18, 000 tickets sold in 2016.

Rain during the night concerts

This increment in tickets sold, he added, is without taking into account the festival gate sales, which were very encouraging. This thanks to the actions and initiatives promoting Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Australia, which resulted in great attendance.

Datuk Haji Abdul Wahab Aziz reckons these are not the only reason for this year’s success:

Daniel shows one of the moves

– The new Wellness Programme compromising meditation, workouts, martial arts, Zumba and yoga were well received by visitors.

– Booking service for taxis, private cars or motorbikes Grab first time partnership with the festival provided a unique experience to participants as there was great discount promo codes.

Day sessions at Rainforest World Music Festival

Rainforest World Music Festival proved to be able to achieve its objective of taking Borneo Music to the world, and to make it a well-accepted music genre for our younger generation for the preservation of their culture.

“Our objective is to promote Sarawak as the region’s premier destination which emphasizes on performing arts and the preservation of culture. It is also to deliver a world-class event that generates generous revenue and profit for the local businesses, communities, sponsors and individuals, from Sarawak and beyond.”

Cheering people under the night rain

This can be seen through the performances of young local talents like Alena Murang and At Adau.

It was this beautiful crowd and the general enthusiasm that drove driven the Sarawak Tourism Board, STB to look forward to next year festival that will take place on July 13 to 15 (2018). Thumbs up to Rainforest World Music Festival!

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