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_MG_9715 2Asian Itinerary, established in 2013, is the culmination of years of work and ideas of three friends who share their passion for travel, the love for this magnificent and full of marvels continent that is Asia. We are based in Thailand, Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo) and Indonesia (Bali); the portal is heading to having an overview on Asia and a comprehensive collection of articles, pictures, travel tales, travelogs and tours related to various countries of this huge continent.

10842051_10152830107716140_1554345009711625835_oAsian Itinerary aim is also to become a leading provider of services from some of the best companies within the travel industry in Asia, thanks to our background, first-hand multi-annual experience in travel and tourism related trade, and extensive traveling in the region. With a superb relation to leading hotels across Thailand and part of the continent, and the numerous business contacts and partners in the area, we will enjoy some of the best rates for complete packages in the industry. 575050_10151295367371140_1442230650_n 01Our comprehensive service includes individual and group services, city tours, adventure travel and anything from self-drive options to tours with a local Multilanguage-speaking guides.

Asian Itinerary wish is to become your favourite Asian-related website with lots of articles, information, services and travel options for your great memories on these so diverse countries of this amazing continent: Asia.


Would you like to write for AsianItinerary? We are always looking for writers of articles and pieces on any Asian country including Middle east, complete with a minimum of 10 pictures, your own or Creative Commons pictures of at least 500kb each.

AsianItinerary’s mission is to share the experience of travel in Asia through media. Our articles can contain personal essays, HD travel videos, maps, food discoveries, adventurous activities, cultural knowledge, off the beaten track destinations.


A minimum of 500 words written in decent English. You don’t have to be a good writer or an English mother tongue to know how to write well. We accept articles written in any language and will take care of translating them. We only accept articles from independent writers, no copied text from any website, no duplicate information. We’re open for new ideas and even in the more popular categories. There’s never enough information on any subject.

Subjects covered include motivational articles, self-empowerment to travel, destinations, what to do, where to go, where to stay, food and drinks, lifestyle, short travel films, photography, and travel essay.

We encourage pictures you have taken yourself that relates to the article. Picture need to capture what is being said in the article. If you don’t have any pictures, please ONLY use Creative Commons images from Flickr. Please only send horizontal pictures instead of vertical, try to avoid vertical as much as you can.

In return we will publish the author bio box at the footer of each article, as well as a separate Author Page that will include all your social media profile links so you get the right exposure. We will also consider you for paid opportunities that may arise in the future.

To apply, send us a short summary of what you will be writing about, or titles of articles you would like to write and a sample paragraph, and provide any social media profiles you are active in.

Email articles to asianitinerary@gmail.com and you will receive a response within 5 business days by email.


Articles must not have been published elsewhere including Internet, magazine, or newspaper publications. We want our readers to read something fresh and new. The article will belong to AsianItinerary and cannot be later posted elsewhere. By publishing articles on AsianItinerary, you agree that the articles will be on AsianItinerary for the entire life of the website. The text may be edited for any grammatical, spelling errors or structure. Links may be removed or added at anytime within the article. Any pictures will still hold full copyright to you but will remain on AsianItinerary for the life of the website. They will not be modified in any way unless requested. The pictures will not be used anywhere else outside of the article unless requested. Please note AsianItinerary have no control if a reader decides to save the picture or article to publish on their own website, but rest assured that AsianItinerary will do their best to make sure this does not happen.

Happy writing!