13th BaliSpirit Festival ARTISTS LINE UP

13th BaliSpirit Festival ARTISTS LINE UP

Only 10 days until the 13th BaliSpirit Festival begins. We are super excited. The venue is taking shape, presenters and musicians are confirmed and everyone is getting ready to make it the best festival experience ever.

2023 ARTISTS FIRST LINE UP SCHEDULE has been released! We express warmest gratitude to all the music enthusiasts who will make The Grove Stage lit. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate celebration of music, yoga, dance and healing. It’s time to get our groove on!

Abink | Indonesia

Abdullah Bilbas Rusdianto also known as Abink is a Musician originally from Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Often performing as a jazz and R&B singer before, Abink has now found his new world by blending soul and modern beats with Javanese music. Rahayu!

Shopie Sofree | SINGAPORE

Sophie Sôfrēē was born at BaliSpirit Festival ~ with her opening debut 8 years ago which lit a flame that still burns brightly. She serves up a sacred fun approach to Ecstatic Dance DJ’ing, encouraging dancers to liberate bodies through the vehicle of music. Weaving a broad span of musical flavours ranging from ethnic african rhythms, cumbia, melodic ethnic house to funky spunky flavours. Blending this range of global dance tracks with her infectious energy and embodied feminine wisdom, she’s recognised for creating beautiful spaces for sacred celebration and healing.

Yogetsu Akasaka | TOKYO

Yogetsu Akasaka is a Tokyo-born musician and Zen Buddhist Monk who combines Buddhist chanting with live looping, beatboxing, and handpan to create a unique musical experience. After starting his musical career in 2005 as a street performer, Yogetsu became a Zen Buddhist Monk in 2015 to deepen his spiritual growth. He practiced at the Soto Zen Buddhism Monastery for 2.5 years before returning to music.
If you have visited BaliSpirit Festival before, you know about its magical music experience – and if you haven’t attended yet, it is definitely one of the many reasons to buy your ticket and join the 2023 event.
Book your 1 or 4-day Spirit Pass NOW, and make sure you get to experience the full range of our magical offerings.
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